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10:00 AM

3.3 mi




169 lb


43 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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Final training run before the marathon tomorrow. Very easy 3.25 with Tammy, who I was SO glad to run with this morning. It seemed only fitting since she has been so supportive of my efforts throughout this whole crazy training period. Me bursting in the door at the end of a workday and blurting out, "I'm going for my run", and she so lovingly and patiently working around my running with dinners, shuttling Lindsey to practices, and what not. She has been the BEST! So, I am so very thankful to have done this final run before the race with her. Thank you, Honey, for YOUR perseverance throughout the last 6 1/2 months! I love you!

So, the run felt really good. It was 43 and lightly raining, with light to moderate winds out of the west, which is the way tomorrow is likely to be, but a bit cooler to start and a chance of snow early. How fitting is that?!? I had shorts on, a t, and a long sleeved t, and was quite comfortable by the end of our run. I felt physically as good as I think I could feel and mentally, I am ready. Locked and loaded and ready to go tomorrow.

No splits, I left Garmin to sleep in this morning cause she has to get up early tomorrow and go to work. :)

Next run notes will be from my first marathon.