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11:30 AM

4.1 mi


184 lb


70 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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Still.Out.Of.Shape. Although, the first mile felt really good so, of course, like a knucklehead, I went with it. That, coupled with a hefty headwind in mile 3 allowed me to take a brief walk of 50 yards or so to recoop. My RLL was feeling a bit fatigued in the latter half of that run so, I best take it easy, easy for awhile longer. It's not like I was running like a Kenyan in miles 1 and 2 cause I didn't have that ability even back when I WAS in shape, but I did go out entirely too fast for my condition and conditioning. Such a man. It has been great running just to run though with no mileage prerequisites or training plan to follow or runs to squeak in in non-existent allowable time periods.