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10:00 AM

7 km


7:58 mi


39 F


8 / 10
7 / 10

Race Result

75 / 206 (36.4%)
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Unofficial time, will correct it later. I forgot to check the clock and stop my Garmin at the end of the race.... again. Got this time from the guy that finished behind me. Again, I started out too fast (7:24 first mile split) and could not hang on aerobically for the rest of the race beginning in mile 2. Legs and rest of body felt great, but coming off a cold that I am pretty sure has turned into a sinus infection, really taxed my lungs beyond capacity at the present time. Would have even had I been healthy at that pace. I need to start out races slower and build pace. I am tired of tanking into the mid-miles of a race and trying to hang on. I run much stronger if starting more conservative and working up my pace into the distance. Chalk up another lesson. Did place 6th in AG, as did Tammy, who is also ailing so, overall, we still did pretty well.