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10:00 AM

3.2 mi


5:01 mi


148 lb


8 / 10
8 / 10


Soooo close to 16:00! Just a little too hard too early. Had a tight race (much tougher than the last two years) and a was probably 10-15 seconds faster at the two mile mark than planned. Felt like I maintained a solid effort during mile three, but I just couldn't accelerate any more at the finish downhill. (I've measured the two mile mark with the garmin and gmaps online, very close... No way I ran 6:05 / 5:32 pace for the final mile, downhill!)

Approx. Splits: [1st/260+?]

02:36 @ 0.5mi (Scotland Rd.)

05:05 @ 1.0mi (Just past Sylvan)

07:27 @ 1.5mi (around the corner onto Walnut)

09:57 @ 2.0mi (between Holly rd. and Hopkins)

14:19 @ 2.?mi (turning down Prescott)

16:02 @ 3.18mi

Saw a bunch of the middle school XC kids out for the race! Have to check the result once they are online, but close to 20 or more. At least twice as much as last year; good turnout and some excellent races!