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12:30 PM

2 mi


7:45 mi


143.4 lb


5 / 10
5 / 10
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cool-down. first few steps where mere hobbling with the feeling of stabbing knives in my quads and calves... sweet jesus that hurt. got back into a normal stride after a few minutes, and felt relatively good by the end of the short run. ran with a large group of whirlaway teammates. excited to hear how well most of the guys faired, and how well the others still ran despite a number of setbacks. it's always a good sign when some of your best runners have "bad" races and the team finishes in third-place overall! lots of "what-ifs?" today... still a great day for the team.

looking forward to an ras mor (5k) in two weeks, then boston and mount washington beyond.

had a good pint and some beef stew with mike g. and the GLRR contingent before catching a ride home.

more chaos ensued in the evening while trying to pick-up pastries at the modern...

finally able to settle down and relax at john and denise's around 6pm...