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8 M II


Track workout. I want you to warm up 2mile on your way to the track and stretch and do some strides before you start to get the legs moving fast. Start off with 2 X 800m @ 3:35 to 3:40 pace with 400m job recovery. You should be at 1:47-1:50 at the 400m mark to stay on pace. Another 400m recovery and do 3 X 400m at 1:42 - 1:46 pace with 200 jog recovery inbetween. Keep the workout flowing, don't stop inbetween intervals. Stay focused mentally, it will be a tough workout. Finishd with 2 X 200m 47-52 sec.@ with 100m recov. inbetween. It will seem like a long workout but keep the flow and recover on your recovery segments and get through it. 1-2 mile cool down. Try to hit these time as I they are estimates based on your mile of 7:14. The hard sections equal to 2 miles and the total workout will be up to 8 miles.

Killer...I made all my times(additional 1 mile during warm up); but couldn't keep a flow to the workout ( i.e, I had to walk instead of jog between some of the reps at the end.) All in all; felt like I did a good job though. Good stuff!