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8:00 PM

6.7 mi


9:42 mi


69 F


7 / 10
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8 M II


Excellent week last week! I am very impressed, as you should be, too. You are slicing off time from your distance runs in hugh quantities. The track workout went as planned (the "flowing" will come with training) and the mileage for the week was up there at your highest. However, we need to bump it up a few miles a week, you have been in the low- to mid- 20s for about a month now. We want to get into the 30's and on up with the weeks to come. With the long run this sun, you should be in the 30's this week. If you can fit in another day of running, do it.

Here we go for this week:

Sun - Long run or 7-9 miles. Not too much more than you would do on an "easy" day. These runs should be a relaxing part of the week, thought you are putting in a lot of time. It may not be easy, but it will get easier with consistancy and the rest of your runs will get easier because of the long run. Keep up the great effort!