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Need a heart/head check. Started intending to do tempo run; but got frustrated so I bagged it and walked in. Tomorrow's another day....

Thurs - Workout, tempo run. I want you to run 2-3 miles as a warm up then do 3 X 5 minutes at 5k intensity (the intensity you ran the mile in during last week's workout) with 2 mintues inbetween segements. This will be like a 5k race with 2 min. or rest in there, so really focus on the tempo sections and get your recovery during the 2 min. Imagine yourself in a race, it should be a grind the whole time, but get into a rhythm and pound it out. The harder you work during the workout, the more please you will be with yourself afterward. 3 mile cool down. This workout can be done continuously, not stopping and stretching needs to be done. It's not fast enough to strain any muscles and it will be good practice for a race to run the whole thing from start to finish (going easier on the 2 min recovery sections, but not walking--pretent it is a race, you don't want to walk in a race).

Fri - Easy distance run, 4-6 miles. Take it very easy. If you need to take another day off, make sure you are keeping an eye on the mileage, instead of a 4 mile run, put in a 7 or so mile run to make up those miles. You should be a little rested from the day off so it won't be too much of a strain to add in a few more miles the next or previous day.