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9:30 AM

6.5 mi


9:15 mi


"Wed" - Off or Track workout (if you don't do the track workout today, do it tomorrow. Warm up 2-3 miles. Then do a few strides to get the legs limbered up before beginning the workout. The workout will consist of 3 X 1 mile @ 7:45-8:00 min pace (that's about 30-45 sec slower that your mile you did a couple of weeks ago, right?) with 800m recovery. Try to stay focused and run about 1:55 per lap and stay comfortable. Remember, two and three are going to be the most difficult, so staying in it mentally. 2-3 mile cool down. Do your sit ups and push ups. Leg excercises if you don't do the workout, if you do, put them in tomorrow.