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188 lb
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Wed – Choose your days off wisely! Day off or moderate run, 4-6 miles.

Thurs – Middle of the week long run, 8-10 miles. If you miss any of the run, avoid putting this one off, it will get your mileage up and help you reach your weekly goal.

Fri – Short run of 4-6 miles. Keep track of the miles this week as it progresses so you know where you are and how many you need to get in the mid-30’s. If you ran on Wed, you can take today off as your second day off.

Sat – I am not sure if you are going to do the race this week, are they something you want to keep running every week? Let me know. If you do run the race, I would like you to get in extra miles, especially if you run the 5k. I would like you to get in 6-8 miles total. That means if you do a 10k warm up and cool down 1-3 miles and if you do the 5k, warm up at least 2 miles and cool down 2 miles. This is very important, don’t just go out there and run the 5k and call it a day, you are not getting enough miles in.

Sun – Long Run, 9-11 miles. Set your mind to put in a good week this week. If you are tired at the beginning of next week, then you can take it easy early next week.