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11:00 AM

10 mi


8:07 mi


188 lb

Race Result

375 / 596 (62.9%)
103 / 122 (84.4%)


The rythm in a race is much different than the rythm in a warm up. Find the race rytthm first!!!! The race plan you have planed out sounds good, stick to it. The last coule of milesz should be the test of what shape you are in now. I think you are in damn good shape, so give it a whirl! You are in good shape, so don't underestimate yourself. Push the limits the last couple mile of the race. You never know what you can expect!

Let me know how it goes, this week will be your highest week ever!


Felt good, after a slow start(no warm up.) PR'd with 8:07's for a 1:21:04 finish. Used patience well I thought. Able to finish strong and will hopefully need little or no recovery time. Thanks for getting me ready/strong/confident at the starting line. Talk soon.

375 103/122 M2039 1:21:05 8:07 Chris Ryan 39 M 395 Springfield MA