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188 lb
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I would recommend you get in a tempo or fartlek run this week sometime. You can decide where to put it. here it is again: Warm up at least 2 miles make this a 5-7 mile run total, before going straight into a 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min tempo session with equal time recovery after each segment. This should be run at your goal 5k pace, it should be done at the race 'intensity' you seek to run. You'll have no idea what the pace is unless you do it on a track, not necessary, but you know how the miles felt in the race so base it on that. 2-3 miles of cool down after the tempo part. This is a continuous workout from start (warm up) to finish (cool down) so you shouldn't have to stop or walk to or stretch or anything.

Wed - Moderate run, 6-8 miles. We will keep it easy the rest of the week since you are going to do the Snow Storm Classic 5k on Sat. Nice and easy the rest of the week.