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12:00 PM

8.5 mi


8:58 mi


198 lb
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8 M II


Fri – 5-7 miles. Keep it easy, but get in a moderate length run.

Sat – Off of easy run or 3-5 miles. Look into the Snowstorm Classic races and do it if you are interested. If you do, just take the day off before and expect to be a little tired on the long run day. At least plan for it in the future.

Sun – Long Run, 6-8 miles. Slowly keep the mileage coming up from one week to the next. We won’t do anything too long yet, but we will get to do a nice long run on Sundays, or Mon or some other day if you are going to do the Snowstorm Classics.

I gather you are making progress and feeling better, fitness-wise and injury-wise. Keep up the strength workouts, especially as we get into the winter months. Do you have a routine you follow or do you just do what come to mind. I would suggest getting a 10-15 min. long routine that goes through all of the exercises and stretches and do that religiously.

Keep at it!