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Gender: Male
Profession: Special Educator
Age: 51
Current Weight: 65.8 kg
Goal Weight: 68 kg
Location: Piscataway, NJ
About me: 
I am a Special Education teacher, as well as a martial arts instructor (mostly of children.) I have a bunch of hobbies, or at least I DID, before I got serious about running. Now my ipod is my best friend. I do like to read, do a little juggling, and spend as much time with my wife and my seven year old son as all of this allows.
Why do I run: 
I still struggle with nicotine addiction, and to a great extent, running is keeping me on the straight and narrow, so I expect I'll never give it up. In addition, I just love doing it! To use the terminology of George Sheehan, (as quoted by Steve Runner) I've become a "good animal."
Why I started running: 
I took up running in late 2009 as a part of a workout routine that I initiated when I quit smoking. I wanted to lose weight, rather than gaining another twenty pounds while quitting. I've reached my weight goals, and the gym workouts are less intense now, but along the way I developed a real love of running.