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9:14 AM

3.1 mi


10:03 mi


64 F


9 / 10
6 / 10

Race Result

503 / 1678 (30%)
86 / 303 (28.4%)
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Dam to Dam 5K

On one hand, I'm a little disappointed in myself for missing my goal: I wanted to break 30 minutes, and I missed it by 1min9sec. Again, I was hoping to lose about 10# before race, and again, I ended up maintaining. Theoretically, I should gain 2 sec/mi for each pound I lose, which would have given me a little over a minute over 5K, so I may have been able to achieve my goal if I had lost the weight.

On the other hand, I got a PR by over a minute. My Garmin recorded a slightly sub-10min pace, although my official pace was 10:02. (Note that the age group stats include women only.)

The first half mile or so was really slow because it was so crowded. I was passing people who were already walking, and before the race started, I had seen a mom lead her young son (like 5-6 years old) right to the front. Kind of obnoxious. Once the field opened up, I was able to pick up the pace, but I was unable to keep up my goal pace. I just gradually got slower, especially once I hit the hill near the midpoint. I also only had one "split" on the Garmin, because I missed the first two mile markers.

Training Plan Entry


3.1 mi

Goal Pace: 9:29 (for 29:30 Finish)