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8:59 AM

6.2 mi


10:49 mi


46 F

Race Result

1009 / 1310 (77%)
106 / 135 (78.5%)
500 / 719 (69.5%)
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Drake Relays Hy-Vee Road Race 10K

A new PR! My official time was 1:07:01 for a 10:49 pace, a 1:16 PR. (My Garmin showed 6.31mi in 1:07:22, a 10:41 pace.)

I ate fairly lightly yesterday, except for a Panera pumpkin muffin last night. The weather was predicted to be iffy, with rain and thunderstorms. I packed everything I could think of in my race bag and decided to wear long pants, a t-shirt, arm warmers, and a ball cap. I brought my pink Mountain Hardware hooded zip-up at the last minute to wear before the race. I'm really glad I did, because it was cold and windy! I got there with enough time to do my 2 mile warmup, but I skipped it because I was so cold. I didn't want to check my bag until the last minute because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to run with the sweatshirt, or if I'd need the raincoat I'd brought.

Half an hour or so before the 10K was to start, it started pouring and lightning-ing. I was in a covered area, so I didn't get wet, but it was still chilly. They got everyone indoors because of the lighting. That actually worked out really nicely because the building was warm and had a bathroom. The race was delayed by one hour. I decided that instead of carrying a small water bottle and a pack of shot blocks, I'd just have some water and three shot blocks while waiting. (I didn't have breakfast.) Then I'd run without water or anything.

The rain stopped, although it was still overcast, and they let everyone back outside. I never did get to do my warmup. I decided to wear the zip-up for the race, checked my bag, and lined up a few minutes before the start.

The weather ended up being fairly nice for the race: No rain, and the wind had died down quite a bit. By 1.5 miles I was getting warm, so I took off the arm warmers and stuffed them in my pocket. Those worked out really well! By about 2 miles I was feeling too warm. I should have sucked it up and done without the sweatshirt. I do this every time... I dress for the first mile when I should dress for the rest of the race! At some point I took off my ballcap and carried it.

I kept the pace fairly comfortable for the first two miles and was pleased to see I was at about an 11:00 pace (mile 1 just over and mile 2 a bit under). I wanted to average under 11:00 to PR over last year. I picked up the pace a little after that. I knew the hills started at about mile 3.5. For the first part of the hills, I kept up the pace fairly well. The next part was Bulldog Hill. They had volunteer pacers on the hill to cheer you on and run with you, and one of them picked me as her victim. She had me booking it to the top. I felt like I was going to die, but that mile ended up being my fastest. I spent the next half mile with a horrid side stitch, and my pace slowed. I eventually realized that a side stitch wasn't going to kill me and picked up the pace again.

Once the course leveled out around mile 5, I was pretty tired but managed to keep the pace up. I was hoping to really pick up the pace for the last mile or so, but the hill took a lot out of me. I managed to pick up the pace near the end and finished strong. I ended up with a 1:16 PR, or 12 seconds per mile faster than last year. I'm fairly pleased with that.

I ran fairly even splits (for me anyway):

11:05 (warming up)



10:58 (hills)

10:32 (Bulldog Hill with manic pacer)

10:46 (feel like dying after hill)

8:47 (final .2mi)

Afterwards, Heather and I hung out for her race. She was supposed to do a 5K (just for kids), but it ended up being 1 mile due to weather. She was disappointed, but honestly I'm not sure she was ready for a 5K yet, so maybe it was for the best. Then we went to the climbing gym for a bit. I was pretty tired and was falling asleep by mid-afternoon. Lunch was most of a Jimmy John's sandwich, and dinner was at Chipotle. At the climbing gym, I ran three miles on the treadmill to make up my mileage for the day. It felt nice, actually. The next day, I was a bit sore, and my legs felt heavy for a couple of days.

So. I haven't really trained as consistently as I wanted. I had planned to maintain 20mpw over the winter and then get up to the high twenties to train, but it didn't work out that way. I changed my training plan near the end because i won a 1 month training plan with Jason at Strength Running (so awesome!). He designed a training plan for an upcoming half marathon, and this 10K was speedwork in preparation. I did still want to PR in the 10K, though, hopefully by enough that it's not within the margin of error (like a 10 second PR or something). Despite my lackluster training, the race went well and I achieved my goals.

Lessons Learned:

1. Dress for the whole race, not just the first half mile. Suck it up and deal with being cold for a few minutes!

2. Running with a side stitch won't kill me. I can't let it be an excuse to run slower.