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7:49 AM

5 km


6:45 mi


135.6 lb


61 F


10 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result

3 / 87 (3.4%)
3 / 37 (8.1%)
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Lake Louisa 5k

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Woke up feeling a little sick still--fighting a sore throat for the last few days--so I wasn't sure how the race would go, but things turned out well.

The plan today was to go out at PR pace (6:50/mi) for the first half and then to drop--6:45 for a half mile and then 6:30 for the last 1.1. That would get me sub-21 with 20:53 if everything went according to plan.

Trent was running his first 5k today (supposed to be Sarah, too, but she had a bout with appendicitis), so that was the other big thing of the day.

Two mile warm-up, things felt good.

The field was relatively small, but they ran a staggered start, with the half marathon starting 10 minutes prior to the 5k and the 10k starting 5 minutes prior. What that meant was that within the first half mile of the 5k, we were negotiating our way through the back of the 10k pack.

I went out a touch fast, which was entirely expected, but got things under control relatively quickly and settled into 5th place. Picked #4 off fairly soon--he had gone out too fast and started to die--and then reeled in #3, settled in on his shoulder for 3-400m before deciding that he was running a little slow for what I wanted to get done today, so I moved around him and picked up.

Steady gentle climb to the turnaround, and then it was running alone for the rest of the race--#1 and #2 were far enough ahead of me that I had lost sight of them, and I had no clear idea who was behind me because of the 5k/10k blending together. So I just focused on pace.

Ended up at 20:57, which was a 15-second PR, and taking 3rd place overall.

MTA: Eight ball.