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5:30 AM

8.2 mi


9:01 mi


134.2 lb


73 F


3 / 10
6 / 10
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Sang-Bin (Justin) P. met me this morning for the run, and he brought two students who are here for the summer--Jae and Chae. Yesterday, these two asked if they could run with me in the morning, and I went over the distance and pace, encouraging them to meet me at 6:00 to run 5 miles, but they were confident that they could run 8 miles, so they wanted to meet at 5:30.

It's always a little amusing to run with people for the first time, especially when they're confident teenagers: just after the one mile mark, one of them asks me, "Aren't you tired?" Suffice it to say that they started taking walk breaks just before two and a half, and they stayed at the school at the end of three while Justin and I ran the other five.

White flies were bad again today, although not quite as bad as yesterday.

We went out to Florida Mall last night, and Melissa got some new shoes, so she was out early to try them out before heading to Fort Walton this morning--saw her as we were approaching the seven-mile mark, and she said the new shoes were good: she took forty seconds off her time today for the distance she's been running (roughly a mile, we think, but she hasn't measured it).

Toward the end of this run, I crossed the 2000-mile run for the current streak, which started last August 29.

Also, I had some back pain last night that I couldn't explain, and then I think I passed a smallish kidney stone today, so that explains it.