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7:00 AM

13.1 mi


7:11 mi


138.8 lb


66 F


9 / 10
7 / 10

Race Result

112 / 3344 (3.3%)
23 / 240 (9.6%)
104 / 1581 (6.6%)
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On duty last night at a basketball game, so I didn't make it home until nearly 10:30, but I was up at 4:30 and out the door by about 5:10--pretty typical routine for the OUC Half, it seems. Parking was easier this year than last year for no obvious reason.

Warm up was pretty warm--the humidity was pretty high, too, so everyone had a pretty good sweat going before the race even started. Start was pretty typical with the waiting and then the inching forward and then the gun and then the maneuvering around the people who obviously didn't pay attention when they said to line up according to anticipated pace.

The early race went pretty well, and I was trying to hang on to something like 1:30 pace, but as things progressed, it became pretty clear that wasn't going to happen, and it just became a race of attrition. But I feel like I held on pretty well--I didn't have anything more to give--and ran a PR of a bit over a minute. So it wasn't the sub-90 that I had dreamed of, but I'll take it. Some of my best running in this race came during the periods when I made a conscious effort to think about the joy of what I was doing (instead of how much things hurt).

It's pretty clear that being sick in September set me back a good bit, and that going forward, I've got to focus on building back a bigger base of mileage.

Post-race, there was the Clermont Christmas Parade, where it was very, very hot for a Christmas parade.