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10:03 AM

9.8 mi


8:44 mi


136.2 lb


72 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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Turned out to be warmer than I had anticipated for this run--the high today was 81, which is pretty ridiculous considering it's the second official day of winter.

Feeling a little better, but still not well. Throat is less sore, but lots of drainage, and I feel run down overall. Took an antihistamine yesterday, and I swear I can feel it in the muscles in my legs.

Heard a flock of turkey vultures calling to each other overhead, assembled into a flock and took off somewhere. Strange staccato sound--thought it was a sand hill crane when I first heard it.

Really strong winds out of the south that made running in that direction pretty rough, both because it felt like I was running on a treadmill and because of the dust, which made things feel pretty dry.

Had forgotten about the roar of the power lines along the back stretch.

Farmers out in their tractors. John Deere, of course.

Just after mile 8, picked up and ate an orange that had fallen from one of the trucks carrying the orange harvest--the same oranges we saw being pollinated back in March.