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6:39 AM

10 mi


8:16 mi

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around Metro

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my plan was to run 5 miles easy and then (7) 1/2 mile at a faster pace (7:00) with a 1/4 mile slow recovery jog in between. My legs were so tired that I could only do 4 of them and my pace was nowhere near 7:00....I was close to 7:40 on the first 3 and 8:00 on the 4th one.

3:47 (7:34 pace)

3:52 (7:44 pace)

3:48 (7:36 pace)

3:59 (7:58 pace)

Maybe I ran too fast for the first 5 miles but I also think the 20 mile run Saturday, 6 mile Monday night, 8 mile Tuesday morning and then today was just too much to have much speed. The hills today probably didn't help either.

Overall pace was pretty good though...working on using my glutes even without sprinting to activate them...trying to focus on using them to push me forward and sprinting mabye once a mile for a few seconds...