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Not feeling as horrible as I thought I would, but decided it would be in my best interest to bike today (and coach says probably tomorrow too haha). Left foot hurts pretty bad on the bottom, but it was hurting pre race yesterday too, so I think that's from the snowy run on Friday. Worked it out a bunch today and will probably have Chapman work it out too. Not worried about it, just staying on top of it. Glad I wore my Vaporflys yesterday. This was with Emily and Carl, plus Jenna on Handbike. Good convos. Mostly Emily and I talking about the slight toxicity of our highschool team's values. We literally have a quote from our coach on the back of one of our shirts that says "I don't care what happens, just get your carcass across the finish line", which is why Emily and I are conditioned to race anything, no matter what is hurting or how bad the pain may be lol. You were basically condemned to hell if you dropped out of a race or told coach you didn't think you could race.

Also a man stomped over to us and said "Do I have to come parent you?" or something like that, and we were all like "uhhh what?" and then he asked us to close the door to the outside that we had open since we were hot lol. Like what? We obviously were fine with closing it but why did he say it like that?!?! Waverly adults are a different breed.