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1:30 PM

5 km


5:51 mi

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Welp, apparently I had nothing to worry about. I had just been feeling absolutely exhausted and drained this whole week, and I definitely was not as pumped to race as I normally am. Running just feels 1000x harder than it used to, but I had to realize that that was not an excuse not to race because racing is supposed to feel hard regardless. I’ve never been the person to cop out of a race because of sickness or tiredness, or simply just not “feeling it”; that’s just not how I roll, I’m no bitchy baby! When opportunity knocks, you open the door! Be that as it may, I was going into this race without any confidence or feeling of preparedness. I wasn’t really negative, but more so didn’t know what to expect. The original race plan was to go out with Anna and shoot for 18:15 pace, which is basically my PR. We ended up getting out a little hot and eventually caught up with Nat and Lexi, who were shooting for 17:45 pace. Natalie made a move, and I figured that I might as well go with her since we had already grouped up with them and I was feeling good. I basically ran the rest of the race with her, which I loved because we work really well together. Thoroughly enjoyed jamming out to the playlist too #mayhavedancedalittletofireburning. Fell a little behind the last K, which always happens. I think in cross, it truly was because I wasn’t physically there yet to hang on due to my low mileage. Now, I think it is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy that I have manifested in my head. Definitely something to work on for next time. A little bittersweet being close to breaking 18, but still pleasantly surprised with a PR. Overall, satisfied with this considering I am still not 100% from having covid, first time even running on the indoor track since last year, and it was like the least confident I’ve ever been. I cannot wait to see what I can do once I am back to my old self and feeling stronger. My offseason training was pretty solid (up until the end at least lol) and I know I am ready for some big time drops. I walked into this race without any confidence, and am leaving with quite a bit of confidence, because now I know I can still kick ass no matter what is going on. I have gotten to the point where I feel like nothing really phases me running-wise anymore (coming back from injuries, sickness, mental health probs, etc) and I think it is a very useful asset to have because there will always be some sort of adversity in life.

P.S. even better than the 6 second 5k PR was the 11 second 3k PR I had within the race (Previous 3k PR: 10:59; Ran a 10:48 in the first 3k of this 5k LOL).


Christopher Coll

Good to see you back out there grinding. Keep having fun on race day.


You are a freaking rockstar!! Time to change those season goals because sub 18 is coming wayyy sooner than you thought. So proud of you. Can’t wait to see what else lil’ Shae has up her sleeve.