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4:09 PM

5.4 mi


8:03 mi


151 bpm
174 bpm
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Can now confirm that the city of Dubuque does not give a rats ass about shoveling/salting the road because 92% of this was on snow and/or ice. Although I know that cannot always be helped, so I decided to just enjoy it instead! Did like a 25 minute warm up and then my 6x60 sec hills on the arterial hill but closer to Hempstead this time. Pretty sure at least a few people heard me drop the f bomb when I almost busted my shit every 9 seconds LOL. Felt like I wasn't whizzing up the hill as fast as I normally do, but the icy parts made it really slippery and I was not about to get some dumb injury from that. Really focused on using my hips instead of swing swonging my arms everywhere. Paces aren't anything crazy, but actually pretty consistent. Anyway, as I'm typing this, I realize that maybe it's for the best this wasn't super crazy fast since I might end up tempoing tomorrow since it's gonna snow all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I feel like tomorrow would be the best possible conditions to do it, but my body has been feeling sort of wrecked so we shall see.