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4:45 PM

6 mi


8:25 mi


153 bpm
169 bpm
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Monday run with Caroline, Ellie, and Emily! Felt hard at the start but then got better. Tummy was hurting a little bit. Chapman said I look super dehydrated, probably because I haven't been drinking enough water since our toilet is #wrecked and didn't want to have to pee last night RIP. Good to get back into a normal running schedule though. Chapman told me Friday that I probably wouldn't be racing, but then today told me I was doing a 5k this weekend. Not gonna lie, I am a LITtle worried about that. I still feel very lethargic and running just feels much more labored than it used to. I think I am going to feel a lot better by then, but I do not think I will be walking into the race as confident as I would be normally (not that I'm ever super confident anyway haha), especially also since I have not worked out on the indoor track yet and that'll probably be my first go around haha. However, I am not one to turn down an opportunity to race. Just going to focus on getting back on track with everything because I know I have a really great foundation.


Andrew Poock

you'll do great shae, you're just getting back into it for now but the results will come soon!