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9:23 AM

7 mi


8:03 mi


145 bpm
159 bpm
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Hoorah hoorah bring on the snow! A good chill run. Achilles felt more bothersome today, which heightens my suspicion of the reason why that is. Jane and I have this conspiracy theory that it is the BIKE causing this (or at least, exacerbating the issue), because hers hurts and that is all she has really been doing and mine started getting a little better when I wasn't biking as much anymore. And I biked yesterday and today it felt sort of poopy even though I took it more chill. HMMMMM. I really hope I am wrong though because that would be very sad if I had to take a break from that. Such is life! Anyway good run! Might double later but also I might go skiing since it snowed! Totally ready to shred the shit out of the gnar and go off some wicked jumps. Maybe I can actually figure out how to do the moguls this time, those shitters fucked me up last time, but it was my own fault cause you kinda gotta swerve around them and I just yeeted myself straight over them. Nothing destroys your pride more than busting your shit on some moguls and having to do the walk of shame to get your skis that flew off as everyone on the ski lift is laughing at you.