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5:09 PM

4.4 mi


8:29 mi


150 bpm
166 bpm
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Okay so yesterday, Erin, Addy, and I were walking back from the Mensa and talking about that video of that dad videotaping all those school kids slipping on ice and I went back and watched it like 3 times because it's fucking hilarious. The Karma Chameleon got me though, and today on our run I absolutely drilled it (as that dad would say). Like usually I just kinda stumble or fall but it doesn't hurt, but today was different. My foot slipped and knocked my other leg off the ground and I absolutely busted the shit out of myself. Despite it being like -20, I layed there for a hot (cold) sec. My knee feels pretty wanky now so that sucks but I sort of wish I could've seen myself eat it because I feel like I definitely could've belonged in that video now.

Also, FINALLY got my jacket back!!! First of all, I was not aware about the 2 month rule. Second of all, even if I was, how the frick was I supposed to know it was in there?! Chapman literally must've hoarded that thing in there for months because it's been gone since like September and I literally had no idea how it went missing because I don't even remember wearing it to practice. Anyway, I apologize for that, but it was totally worth the booing and shame. Collin Day probably wouldn't have been able to wear it anyway, AND I can guarantee you that nobody else would want it because it came from my highschool assisstant coach who was pregnant at the time of wearing it so it has a permanent bump in the stomach area and looks sort of ridiculous anyway. Which is why I wanted it back.


Riley Mayer

you really did get your shit busted