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9:36 AM

10 mi


10:05 mi


145.6 lb
149 bpm
180 bpm
51 bpm



10 / 10
10 / 10
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Las Cruces

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Time Trial. Spent a lot of time planning the route. Thought about running with music but decided not to and it would have been distracting because I was focused locking into a rhythm. Pleased now that I see my pace that I didn't overdo it in the first couple of miles where there's a little downhill. Stopped halfway under a tree and took a regular Maurten gel. I know I could have done it on the fly but really needed the break. Not particularly pleased with my time but still grateful to be running at this level. Lately I've been reflecting on how several people I used to run with don't run anymore! Whoop gave this a 19.5 Strain Score (incl. WU & CD). It says "you spent 81 minutes at 80-90% of your max HR. This is 59 more minutes than you typically spend in this HR zone during running."