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8:08 AM

3.1 mi


8:19 mi


153.8 lb
166 bpm
176 bpm


50 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

13 / 69 (18.8%)
1 / 5 (20%)
9 / 30 (30%)
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El Paso

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Fortunately I-10 was almost deserted when I headed to El Paso at 5:50 a.m. (it was completely shut down on my way home!) Got my bib number, no chip because it was a charity run, and warmed up. Put the gloves back in my car and lined up but there was a delay because people were literally signing up at the last minute. I've been practicing positive thinking so I told myself, "Remember how the start was delayed at 3M in Austin the year you hit your half PR there?" I kept telling myself to stay strong but unfortunately the dry heaves hit me at mile 2.9 which is pretty typical. I didn't lose much time, though, and finished strong. Hopefully Coach Neely can help me figure out how to deal with this.

Mile splits 7:57, 7:59, 8:40 & 7:27 pace at the end. AG score about 60%.

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6 mi

EP Brain Injury 5k race-2mi WU & 1mi CD