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6:42 AM

26.5 mi


11:19 mi


147 lb
153 bpm
173 bpm


45 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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Memorial Marathon

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71 degrees by the time I finished. My chip time was a little longer because at mile 20, I had to stop at a medical area and they weren't going to let me finish, so I stopped my watch. Eventually I convinced them I was okay after getting some ice on the back of my neck. Then a little later I had a tight muscle, my left pec, so the medics there did an EKG on me and I was fine. The same thing happened at Marine Corps '06, after which I had a thallium stress test and everything was fine. Both marathons had heat and humidity, which is a pretty rare combination for me, because I tend to choose the cooler and/or less humid ones.