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8:01 AM

3 mi


10:40 mi


153 lb


64 F


2 / 10
10 / 10
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Las Cruces

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Waking: Whoop says Recovery 30% with HRV down but "you got 91% of the sleep you needed. 7:19 hours of sleep will mean peak mental and physical performance for you today."

With 3 striders...I paid attention to what I was feeling, a little warmer than I'd hoped (will be similar in ABQ), climbing the last hill my breathing was hard. I used that with the adversity imagery training I've been doing: "Be ready for when it feels hot and don't let it keep you from running strong because you've been training in warm weather. Your breathing will be harder than this because this is an easy run. Don't let it get ragged like it does sometimes at the track." Coach said this was a perfect strategy.