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8:01 AM

13.2 mi


11:59 mi


151.4 lb
141 bpm
178 bpm
57 bpm


53 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

60 / 85 (70.6%)
3 / 6 (50%)
36 / 48 (75%)
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Las Cruces

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I haven't felt that good in a race in so long. You know when you can't figure out why everything is just clicking? Huge trail HM PR! And like my friends here say, it's not an easy course. Last year I ran 3:12:23, very slow because I didn't have much of a training base but also I fell a couple of times and got bloodied up. Excited to keep checking results all weekend because they aren't in yet and being a trail run, they didn't post them and there were no AG awards but if there were, I'm sure I would have gotten one! Didn't fall and even took time for a quick portaloo stop at the turnaround. There are 3 aid stations where the trail leads to a (wealthy) neighborhood and the turnaround is another trailhead on a different road. It's an amazing trail at the base of the Organ Mountains. Took 2 Hammer gels that were on the course and for hydration, started with 32 oz. of Skratch I mixed up before at home, then added a little water the first 2 times and refilled it with Heed they had there at the 3rd one. Picked off runners near the end like you would in a road race. I feel so incredibly grateful for the friends who I shared a few beers with afterwards. With my career situation, this is quite a confidence booster, that at my age and it being hard to find a new job, I'm still a good runner!

According to Whoop, my body was primed for this. HRV had shot up to 86 so it rated recovery at 97%. It gave the race an 18.2 Strain Score & said that "this day was more strenuous than 98% of all days across Whoop athletes."

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21 km