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11:47 AM

4 mi


11:47 mi


151.2 lb
138 bpm
167 bpm
54 bpm


51 F


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Las Cruces

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1st workout back with Coach in a while. (With 5x15sec hills sprints on walk down recovery) Note to her: Even though I marked it "1" for perceived effort (watched my watch to keep HR in check), the hill sprints were very hard because I picked a spot that would prove what a total badass I am, the berm of the football stadium where I've seen student athletes doing their hill sprints! Since I walked down for recovery as instructed, that's why the pace seems to drop there but as you can see, got my HR up to 167 (or maybe 179 like Strava says, using the same Polar chest strap data and that's what my Whoop wrist strap said).

Very pleased with my weekly weigh-in this morning, so that's the 6th week it's been consistently good! Whoop says my recovery is good at 77% with HRV up to 75. It gave this run a 12.0 Strain Score.