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6:10 AM

13.2 mi


10:01 mi


155 lb


70 F


10 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

2297 / 6998 (32.8%)
75 / 188 (39.9%)
1329 / 3105 (42.8%)
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Planning notes: 1st time on this course. Ran the old course about 10 years ago when it was a point-to-point downhill race. Free entry this time (for full, $30 to switch to half)! From previous plan & adjusted for current racing level...start off at 9:30/mi through mile 7, then cut down and start "racing". Will warm up & cool down. Steve Magness is right about racing. Time ultimately doesn't matter, like whether I run sub-2 hrs. Haven't had a PR at this distance in 7 years and may never see 1:53:30 again but outside my little bubble, nobody cares! But if I can find a guy about my age at mile 7, just ahead of me, who I can pick off, and then more as the finish line gets closer, that's racing!

Post-race notes: In hindsight, I could have placed much higher overall and in my AG if I hadn't started near the back! In better conditions, I think I would have made it a priority to start and stay out of that pack. Accomplished my goal of picking off a few guys who looked like they were in my AG in the 2nd half of the race, even though the heat & humidity were slowing me down. And how about that kick at the finish line!