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8:00 AM

6.2 mi


10:36 mi


151.8 lb
145 bpm
171 bpm
54 bpm



9 / 10
10 / 10
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Las Cruces

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2mi WU 3mi tempo HR 150-160, 2x800 at HR 160-170 on 400 jog, CD logged separately. Bolder Boulder virtual 10k.

Had hoped to start earlier but the goofy puppies messed up their doggy door and I had to fix it before I could leave. Hit max HR 171! That's the same as mile 6 at the actual race 2 years ago, when it climbed to 176 on the ramp up into Folsom Field. This is actually a goal of mine, to keep my max HR from dropping too much over time as studies show happening to aging runners. According to Whoop, my recovery is normal today with HRV at 41 & RHR still low. It gave this run a 15.4 Strain Score.