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7:42 AM

12 mi


13:30 mi


142.2 lb
138 bpm
172 bpm
53 bpm
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With the faster bits as planned in the 2nd half but then wilted in the intense sun. It was 70 when I woke up about 6:20 but I'm unsure what the temps were out there. Had plenty of Skratch electrolyte drink and 2 gels so I was fine. The salt from my sweat found its way into my biopsy areas on my arm, so it stung a little. Grit training like Steve Magness talks about! Ran into a friend from Las Cruces so that was fun. Her uncle runs a training group here, USA FIT. I think they charge way too much. Also chatted with a cyclist at a little park I found, where I refilled my bottle at the water fountain and threw away the gel package.