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6:14 PM

7.1 mi


9:37 mi


155.6 lb
136 bpm
167 bpm
53 bpm


60 F


9 / 10
10 / 10
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Las Cruces

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HRV 62 with meter green/9 so leaning ever so slightly sympathetic. HR went as low as 38.4. Weekly CV is 9.2%.

Massage therapist Michelle said my gastroc (mostly the left but also the right) is really tight and ask my Coach to heat or ice it? Started with the dynamic warm up exercises Coach suggested before running.

Plan: 2mi WU, 2mi at 8:20/mi, 1mi at 8:10, 800 at 4:00, 400 at 1:55, all on 400 jog, 1mi CD

Forgot the 400 at the end. Notes to Coach: Almost didn't complete this workout & had to stop during the mile & get my self-talk straightened out. On and off today I've been thinking, "When do I get to taper? Last time at this time I was doing easy runs." During the mile, I kept thinking, "Trust your training." Then I had an "aha" moment. "Last time you had a mostly downhill race so gravity was helping you. This time she wants you to know how hard it's going to feel."

Her note to me: it's because you are a different runner now than you were then! and you're able to do a better build up into races. the last big workout before a race is always the toughest. you will freshen up these last few days and feel great come race day!

My response: but that was just a few months ago!