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8:00 PM

3.1 mi


8:47 mi


148.8 lb
160 bpm
175 bpm
52 bpm


88 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

44 / 103 (42.7%)
4 / 9 (44.4%)
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Las Cruces

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Electric 5k. Really pleased with my effort level and not going out too fast, which was my main goal, esp. considering the temps. I worked the crowd a little about mile 3, where I said something like, "I need to feel the love," they started cheering and a spectator said something like, "Give it back!" so I let the wheels roll. Only 103 runners this year because it was thrown together at the last minute when the state said things could move forward on July 1. Later: Whoop data has caught up & it said my recovery was 93% & gave this race a 13.4 Strain Score. HR climbed more or less steadily throughout. Interesting that when I add in the cooldown, I see that my HR continued to climb to 184 right after the finish line! It said "Anaerobic training. You spent 13 minutes at 90-100% of your max HR." 57% age-graded.