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10:54 AM

4 mi


12:01 mi


150.6 lb
128 bpm
148 bpm
56 bpm


84 F


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Las Cruces

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Heat training this week. Didn't get up early and then had a client teleconference so next time I run in the morning will want to avoid running at 11:00! According to Whoop, recovery is still down at 28% with HRV at 22. I feel great and my eczema cleared up recently, so it's all good! Whoop gave this run a 9.2 Strain Score. Note to self about equipment: the Swiftwick Aspire 2 black socks worked great with the new Raidlight Dynamic shoes. They're a little thicker than I normally like but it cushions the toe on the left foot that's been getting a blister. It'll get better by 100 miles on the shoes, based on the other pair of Raidlight I have.