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7:43 AM

8 mi


7:09 mi


159 lb


67 F

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Temp 67 Wind 2 mph. Humidity 87% Dew Point 65.

Small field. I know pretty much everyone. Top three will pull away early. Schmiz has started marathon training and is running a HM in two weeks. He should be extended and able to push harder. The Professor is also working towards the HM, but he's a slow starter, so it will be interesting to see if he's still there at the end. Looks to be a battle for 4th overall. Feel confident about 56:00-58:00. Would love sub-56:00.

Settle in after start in 5th about 20 meters behind Schmiz. Close the gap on the 2nd mini-hill about one mile in. We end up running together and talking HS CC until first water break at 5K turnaround point. We had hit first mile spit within steps at 6:58. Little too fast maybe, but if I'm going under 56:00, got to run these miles this fast.

He stops at water stop and I press on. Climbing starts in miles two and three. Splits 7:11 and 7:21. Trying to get into flow, maintain even effort, and not blow myself up. Intense climbing in mile four. Split 7:49. That was work! About last 400 meters of mile 4 was post-crest. Trying to recover, thinking maybe the hills would be harder on Schmiz and using this for motiviation to convince myself I had opened a gap.

Hit water break, took a shot and glanced back. Schmiz had hung and was maybe 20-30 seconds back. Right back to it. Most of back-half is on gravel road, but is flat or gentle rolling mini-hills. Still feeling the hills, but go with a plan to run 7:00 minute miles and make him run 6:50-6:55s to run me down. Mile 5 - 6:59. Mile 6 - 7:02. Wondered if I was loosing it, then realized difference was insignificant. Just focus on maintaining effort. Next 1.5 miles was all focus and I zoned out. When Mile 7 split was 6:59, I knew I was good. Thinking, "Wow, not only can I formulate an in-race plan, but now I'm am able to actually execute it, regardless of how good / bad 1st half of race was."

Turned off gravel road back onto pavement and I'm looking to kick. Running low, but still some gas. Met up with a dog (we're running in a rural area) about 400-500 meters from finish. Was carring my Halt!, so grabbed it and yelled' "Back!" Worked momentarily, but it came back at me. We repeated this twice more before a car passed between us and put enough distance for me to move on. Go to return to kick to finish, but now I've lost stride and wasted what little energy I had left on the dog. Sucking lots of air, finished the last mile in 6:48. Still, 27:48 on the back four...nice.

Final time 57:12. In the 56:00-58:00 window. Wanted to do better, but still ran a good "race". Good enough for 4th overall in both the race and in the race series. 7:09 pace better than flat 7-Miler (7:12) and the hilly 10-Miler (7:17).

Hammer in at just over 49:00 for a course record, 1st OA, and series championship. A-Wad 2nd OA, 2nd OA-Series, and 1st AG-Series for 45-49. Young-Gun Josh 3rd OA, 3rd OA-Series, 1st AG for 20-24. Schmiz is 5th.