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8:03 AM

12 km


6:23 mi


153 lb


59 F

Race Result

3 / 71 (4.2%)
2 / 15 (13.3%)
3 / 34 (8.8%)


Temp 59 Wind 12 mph. Humidity 75%.

Saturday-7 12K and attempting Missouri Resident State Record for 49 Year-Old Male. Mark to beat is 48:26. Will need to average just under 6:29 pace. Set Garmin to alert every 0.5 miles. Display screen on pace current mile and average pace for race. Out-and-back course. Plan is to get to turn-around point, running into the wind, in about 24:00 minutes, then use the tailwind to run even or negative split coming back.

Seventy-one at the starting line. Tayvee jumps in last minute, so Hammer will have his jack-rabbit to chase. I'm expecting a few folks to go out fast but fade. Should be solo on trip back. We're off and Lil' Willie takes lead. Tayvee and Hammer follow. Joe W. (pacing Shawn G. for real) and Ron R. ahead of me. Schmiz, knowing I'm going out 6:35ish-6:40ish says he plans to run with me until I drop the pace. Ron R. falls less than half a mile in. Both Schmiz and me go around Joe & Shawn about 100 meters before first mile split. Storms not suppose to get here until 10:00 am, however, there is thunder and lighting right now.

6:40 first mile is followed by a 6:29 second mile. On mark, cardio is comfortable, but not physically settling in. Wanting to start taking it down now, but not coming. Expecting to hit more wind coming out from under Kingshighway bridge, so decide to hold off surge for now and try again when not necessary to force part of it into the wind. Second water station is at three mile split. Go through third mile with a 6:33. Schmiz lets me know he is turning me loose and stops for water. Was expecting to already have it down to about 6:20 now, but tell myself to relax, there is a long way to go.

Go ahead and start fourth mile by making another effort to drop pace as I focus on getting to turn-around at 24:00. Cape Road Runners are suppose to have a clock set up so we can see our time. They are just getting there when I arrive, so I don't get a look. (6K split from posted results = 24:06.)

Start to get a look at other runners on way back. I'm third overall and not seeing anyone who may come up and get me. Had not noticed wind much coming out, and now find out why. Wind has shifted with incoming storm and is now in our faces. First signs of this getting tough. Run a 6:14 split for fourth mile. Know I cannot hold this into the wind, and I'm only running at an average pace of 6:29 for race. Starting to rain now. State record is in jepordy.

Fifth mile is 6:28, but still feel a "near-redline" at end of split behind Pizza Hut / Nearly Perfect. I'm right on overall pace, but hurting and there is 2.4 miles to go. Heading more due north now, and wind becoming less a factor. Rain is welcomed as it will cool core temperture and allow me to finish without fluids. Pull stride in, focus on turnover, and run the next mile. Footing is slipping at times on wet trails. Split is 6:19. Now at 6:28 average for six miles. I've put myself back in a position to succeed, now its just hold this pace.

Going to try the same tactic for mile seven. Pouring rain now. Works for about 800 meters, then begin to feel the breakdown. Interesting internal discussions over the next few minutes. "You do it now or you will not get the chance to do it again for about five years." "You have put yourself in this position, finish it." "My wife and son are at the finish line, want to make them proud...and she will be pissed if she is rain-soaked and I run too slow" "My CBEM teammate is getting his state record, don't embarrass the team." "4:30 AM runs, all those intervals, all those repeats...hell, 5,000 freakin' miles for what??? To puss out with just over a mile to go?" Hell, NO! Seven mile split 6:19.

Did not look at Garmin at end of 7th mile. Just ran. Out of the woods and heading back towards Osage Center. Hear D'bert on PA system say my name and comment this will be close. Approaching parking lot and think I hear him say "47:45". Look at finish arch and don't see how I will make it. Run all-out anyways. Glance up coming into parking lot and see seconds on the race clock...06, 07, 08. Crap, I'm going to miss by less than five seconds! Look up again and this time see minutes: "47". I've got over a minute to get there. Oh yeah! Tank is below empty, but still manage a fist pump finish.

Official time 47:32. Take down old record by 0:54 seconds. 6K splits: 24:06 / 23:26. 3rd OA. TayVee wins OA. Hammer is second OA and Master's Champ. CBEM teammate runs a 45:05 to shatter the 45-YO record by about 3:00 minutes. 45:05, that one has some legs and may stand for a while. CBEM takes two of top three spots, top two master's spots, and two state records. Not a bad day's work. Schmiz is 4th OA.

Waxed after cool down. Standing in cold pouring rain, got bad chill and started having severe cramping in stomach and legs. Rough trip getting home, but all worth it.