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10:04 AM

10 km


6:28 mi


149 lb


33 F

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Temp 33 (26) Wind 8 mph.

Probably once in a lifetime racing conditions for January 1. On the front line with kehamm and AJ. Schmiz hanging close. AJ and Schmiz in 5K. Looking at getting a clear picture of fitness to make any last minute training adjustments for attempt at 15K state record in six weeks. Would like to knock out a sub-40 as always. Plan is for kehamm to hang back with me for 2K, then drop it down for last five miles. Worked out well as that was all the company either of us had the entire morning.

AJ and Schmiz running well out in front. Think kehamm had to tug on me a little, but gets us to a 6:29 first mile split. At 2K, he checks out, checks down, and moves on to his 38:02 overall win.

Off the road, onto the LaCroix Trail, and into the headwind for two miles. Bad adjustment and probably lost the seconds that I would want back later. 6:40 and 6:36. Hit the turnaround at same time as MTT crew. Its up a small incline and sprinted to get there and get turned around before having to dance with them at cone. Had to come to a complete stop and turn around.

Heading back and first runner I see is OA female winner who is about 5:00 minutes behind me. Finish things out with a 6:29 / 6:19 / 6:17 / 1:16 (6:08). Clock Time = 40:06. Second OA. First time over 40:00 since 2010 and thinking that if I cannot break 40:00 on this course in these conditions, may not be able to do it anymore. Looked at my last 3.2 mile splits, remembered that I'm 54, and found out this age grades to 77.58%...not as troubled about it as I was immediately after crossing finish line.

As for upcoming 15K, this 10K time projects to sub-1:02:00 15K which will best the state record for 54-year old by nearly 6:00 minutes and would be a PR for me at that distance. Room for error. Couple slow long runs, AT and LT tempos, hill circuits, and stay in one piece. Along the way this morning ran through two nasty side stitches, two rounds of cramping in left calf and once in right HS. Cramps in first three miles, stitches in last two mile. Grumpy old right hip barked during and after race. More thoughts in my head as to why I keep wanting to do this to myself. Answer in running blog by Arkansas Tia: "Because there will be a day when I can no longer do's not that day."

First time on same course with kehamm as "CBEGM". Top 2 overall finishers...good start.



solid back half race splits. Cut each mile down after 6:40 so no major issues that I can see. Also a solo effort.