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7:26 AM

1 mi


11:19 mi


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Temp 73 Wind 5 mph. Humidity 98% Dew Point 70°.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down for Humane Society 8-Miler. Start with 1.65 miles jogging. Moving with ease at 7:21 average pace. Good sign. Thought the weather would keep folks off the trail this morning...nope! Morons three and four wide and not moving. Hey jabber-jaw, "I'm on your left" does not mean stop and step to your left directly under my feet!

Full drill set and three striders. Wanting the legs "hot" for the starting line this morning.

Cool-Down -- Not five minutes after I finish, clouds open wide and start to dump buckets. Had to wait it out in the car before I could change shoes and socks and get in a short jog. Awards starting, so cut it at 0.89 miles.