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8:10 AM

10 km


6:12 mi


147 lb


57 F

Race Result

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Temp 57 Wind 10 mph. Humidity 78%.

On the line after a restless night and morning GI fun. Know that I'm fit, know that I'm fresh, and know that if I let it come to me this morning instead of forcing anything, should get good results.

About 10:00 minutes late getting started. Off and get clear of the 12-and-under contingent after about 200 meters. Running second to Ryan B. Feels quick out of the gate. Check pace at 0.50 alert and I am at 5:58. RB has about 20 meters or so on me. 5Kers and 10Kers run on same course for just about the full first mile. Don't know which race he is in, but doubt he can hold this pace much longer. Relax with the tailwind, do not purposely slow down, and try to keep him in reach. As we approach the split, notice he is slowing. He turns right for 5K, I go left for 10K and hit the first mile in 6:03.

About 80% of mile two will be into headwind. Course officials at stoplight just past Salem intersection. "We didn't expect a runner to get here so fast." "Well, I didn't plan to be here this soon." They direct me onto Airport Road. Drove this course a couple of weeks ago. Airport Road snakes /\/\/\/\ all the way to Rotary Park. Focus on running relaxed and in a straight line. Mile two split = 6:15 (12:18). Feel very, very good. Quick assessment tells me 6:0Xs with tailwinds and 6:15s into headwinds at this effort is going to end in something good.

Hit Rotary Park and over half a mile on soft, packed, sand-gravel. Nice. Clockwise loop and hug the inside of the road. Coming out of park just shy of mid-way point in the race and second place runner has just entered. Passing the rest of the field coming the other way now, and go through mile three in 6:10 (18:28).

Relax, ride the tailwind, and re-focus on running a straight line again on Airport Drive. Maybe relaxed a little too much. Mile four split = 6:16 (24:44).

Back to work in the headwind. Hip flexors, glutes, etc. are still firing. Speaking clearly to course officials. All signs say the fatigue is all mental. Back into Sikeston Recreational Complex and will now take a half mile plus loop around the lake. Again, focus on hugging inside edge of trail. Check Garmin towards the end of mile four and saw 29:XX. Pretty sure now that I am going to be real happy with this one. Finish off mile five with another 6:16 (31:00).

Will have to eat headwind one more time for first half of mile six. Now able to pull on back end of 5K field. Having seen the 29:XX on the Garmin, finding another gear. Pick up final tailwind at 5.71 mile mark. All clear. Mile six split = 6:08 (37:08). Finish off in 0:11 seconds by kicking at 4:57 pace.

Clock Time = 37:19. First Place Overall. Know that I chopped off quite a bit with good tangents, but course was still probably a tad short. Average Pace from Garmin was 6:11, so running that out over full 10K equals 38:26. A 38:26 is still a monster 10K PR and Age Grades to another National Class Time (80.52%). Take all those numbers any time, any place, any race.

Make my first contribution to the CBEM Overall Win tally for 2013. Four now total, and makes 18 all together in last 17 months. As this awesome local real-athlete likes to say, "Good stuff!"