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12:00 PM

3000 m


6:03 mi

Race Result

2 / 4 (50%)


First time to run/race on an indoor track. First time to race 3000 meters. Have seeded myself at 10:50 based on recent outdoor 5K road times minus 5 seconds. Four entries in the Open/Masters Division. All masters. We are suppose to run in second heat after the high school kids around 12:15ish; however find out last second, we are running one heat and starts at noon...right now.

Most of the kids are seeded 9:XX to 10:0X, so not a fair fight. A least will have some more traffic on the track to run with. Take my spot on the back row. Running in inside lanes, so race is just less than 17.5 laps.

I am in dead last for first full lap. Pass two of the other masters runners on second lap. Reel in two of the HS kids on the fourth and fifth laps. Look ahead...not a soul (or a sole). Don't remember a whole lot of racing thoughts after that. Running and trying to figure out what I was doing. Based on running on 400 meter outdoor track, had visualized coming out of the turns and excellerating down the straights. Actually took the turns well, but would fall apart coming out. By the time I could pull it together again, was time for another turn. Never felt comfortable or efficient.

Think the leader lapped me on lap 8 or 9. Went ahead and moved into lane two for all but the last lap to allow the high schoolers room to race (so probably added 25+ meters to my distance). Remember seeing the lap counter holding up a 7, thinking seven for them, eight for me, doing some quick math, 8 x 200 = 1600 which is almost a whole freakin' mile...crap! Just relaxed and tried not to slow down rest of way. Lapped by most of high school field and Hammer. Lapped four runners myself, some twice. Garmin not reading distance accurately under the steel beam roof, so only had 0.79 reading; however graph indicates that half way through my pace evened out and ran negative splits.

Official time 11:15. This is a slower pace for 3000 meters than my last two outdoor 5K times?? Almost like this is an entirely different sport? CBEM goes one and two. I am second in the Open/Masters and finished ahead of four others in the entire field. Will want to practice this more if I ever do it again.