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10:00 AM

1 mi


5:26 mi


154 lb


Race Result

5 / 43 (11.6%)
3 / 4 (75%)
5 / 25 (20%)


Temp 45 (WC 37) Wind 17 mph. Gusts to 25 mph.

Is what it is, which is wet and windy. Catch a break and only get off and on rain, but wind 15-20 mph (with stronger gusts) will be a factor last half of race. Top four of Hammer, D'bert, Elliot S. and TayVee stand out. 2010 Dogwood Azalea winner Adam L. in the field, but he's had some time off. Take position in second row.

Fast, fast start. We're all out fast and I'm in 11th (counting from picture). Couple of the younger kids drop after about 100 meters. Next up is Adam L. and he's taking some heavy breaths. Last kid, then Ron R. about 200 meters in. (53 year old held on longer than he had any business holding on). Front pack now group of five. I'm moving too fast at around a 5:15 pace, but was wanting to clear the 2nd tier field. First quarter split is 1:18.

One of front five hits a wall dies a fast death. He falls back in a blink. We're midway through the second quarter and I'm still closer to the front four than I need to be. Maybe already a little to deep into it, but let off just a touch and ride the wind to the cemetery turn. I'll deal with the fast start later.

Doing decent and feeling decent at the turn. Start to run my planned tangent, but not near as comfortable at this pace. Go ahead and move over into the rut. Second quarter split 1:24. Lose my race as I proceed through the rest of the cemetery. A blast of wind hits at top of small climb, stands me up and throws me off stride. Next, I miscount water puddles and move over to center too soon. Lose focus trying to rethink tangents. Slip about five more seconds or so from front pack.

Watch as they blast out of the cemetery. What a battle! And I have the whole front row to myself. Third mile split 1:25. Been seeing Hammer whole race, now I'm looking at D'bert. I'm right on to run the same time as in 2009, but now have the 20 mph headwind. Not too bad at first, but big gust hits about 200 meters from finish. Another "stand me up" blast.

Watch the race ahead and listen to Brooke on PA to hear the finish. Back on smooth pavement and regained my form, so wind is as manageable as its going to be. See D'bert cross in 4th and know I need to get there in 14-15 seconds to beat him Age Graded. See the clock and see I'm going to be a few seconds short. Solid split of 1:19, but not good enough. Final time 5:26. Two seconds off a PR. Can't be too down about it, conditions that day were 110% better than today. Bottom line was that I blew it in the cemetery.

5th OA. 3rd Masters. Hammer defends his Masters title with a 5:02 and is 3rd OA. A National Class AG time. TayVee wins with a 4:57...hey, hats off, dude. Elliot S. 2nd. D'bert is 4th OA and 2nd Masters. Two HS kids 15+ seconds back of me, then Adam L. in at 6:04.

Son and GF down and both running. She wins the Female OA. He's 2nd AG. Her birthday is later this month, so we pool our prize money and she picks ups a free pair of Nike spandex from Ghisallo on way home. Something nice to wear for HM training.