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7:44 AM

5 km


5:54 mi


153 lb


60 F

Race Result

2 / 104 (1.9%)
1 / 3 (33.3%)
2 / 36 (5.6%)


Temp 60 Wind 7 mph. Humidity 90% Dew Point 58°

---(UPDATE 9/21/11) -- Fleet Feet Timing updates the official results with Chip Time. Picked up another three seconds over Gun Time. Had saw clock turnover to 18:18 going under...wondered why I had lost a couple of seconds when they originally posted my time...also had wondered why everyone's chip and gun times were the same??---

Field of 104 today. Sun comes out unexpectly and steams it up a notch, but shoot, only doing 3.1 this year. Have Roy L. for a jack rabbit. Older runner touches my shoulder seconds before the start and asks my name. Tell him and says he knows me from seeing my times. Says his name is Marc R something (didn't catch it) and his first race in about ten years. Interested in what kind of shape I'm in today. We're off before we can say much more.

Another young kid jumps in with RL and I tuck in a few meters behind and look for my stride. Feels like we're out fast. Make it about 3/4s the way up the hill before I have to adjust effort. Unknown kid drops near top. Check Garmin as we crest and I've slowed to 6:15 pace. Think we started quick, know we're going to pick it up quick on the way down, and RL has a gap, but is closer than I would have expected. Probably out too fast, so make the early call: "Screw it, forget the watch, let's just run today." Wish now I'd used the watch more as went through first mile split at 6:07. Was thinking I may have been at 5:55-6:00.

Into second mile, will be running the rest of the race alone, and next 0.77 is uphill. Attempting to keep Roy in sight. Start feeling every little incline after hitting Broadway and thinking that I’m paying for my (imaginary) fast start. Break a promise and glance at Garmin approaching Houck Stadium to check on pace. Was on an incline again and felt myself slowing. 6:07. Not good. Will need big effort on third mile for PR. Go through mile two split at 12:10 (6:03 split).

Next few minutes are spent focusing on stride and dodging on-coming traffic. Make it to Clark, and surge off the little downhill. On to Bessie and do the same thing. Looked up and see “Roy” running with another kid. He slowed down? Approach parking lot and they pull off to the side? Nevermind, that was his bother Billy dressed the same. Roy finishes 1st overall in 17:33. See clock coming into parking lot. This will be a PR. Third mile split is 5:47. Kick to the finish in 0:23. 2nd overall.

Last 5K as a masters runner. A PR…but dang it, thought I was about 0:05-0:10 seconds better than this. Poor start put me too far in the hole. Need to loosen up and be happy. Also need to remember there’s two months of race rust that should come off before Harvest Festival.

Runner at starting line was Marc Romine. 56 years old, first race in nearly 10 years, and he was 3rd OA with a 19:39. Amazing. Scared me. Thought he might bump me out of OA Age-Graded win. Edged him out; however, 78.58% to 77.68%. Marc dropped a 1:12:XX at this event’s HM in 1993. In mid-40s he was still running 17:30 5Ks, 36:20 10Ks, and 2:40:XX FMs. Dude is still a stud. Ran our cool-down together, met the CBEM co-founder (come to find out they were Iowa neighbors), and got a photo after the race.