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5:04 AM

3 mi


8:23 mi


40 F
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Temp 40 (WC 35) Wind 7 mph.

20-Minute Tune-up w/ four striders. Been 48 hours since my feet were on the pavement...felt like forever when taking the first few steps. Covering some ground, so started striders a couple minutes early. Never really got cranking; mid-5s until the last one which topped out in low-5s. Not a sprint tomorrow, being good will be more important than being fast.

Welcomed scouting report on course. Two 5K loops with nasty hills in the middle of each. Even pace on the flats and even effort on the hills. I run at least six miles a day five or six times a week. Tomorrow, I just need to do it a little faster. Weather Channel says sunny, 56, and 7 mph winds. That would be nice.