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5:07 AM

6.3 mi


9:34 mi


64 F


Temp 64 Wind 19 mph. Gust to 27 mph.

Hour @ Easy Effort. Running to track in a "stand-you-up-and-smack-you-in-the-face" wind. Just tried to relax and let it blow around me. Felt much fresher today (pace progressed about 0:40 m/m) and looking forward to run, so didn't notice it so much.

Wind helped with track miles. With me on the east straight, against me on the west side. Even effort gave a nice 30 or so minutes of resistance / recovery. Felt like a float home.

Will do some kind of upper-body weight workout with core exercises tonight. For sure ankle work, maybe a couple of sets of plyo. Race-day coming up quick. Still see that I'll have no idea what I'm doing, but right now, so mentally locked in that whatever I get out there and start, have the confidence I'll be able to finish it.