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3:02 PM

1 mi


5:53 mi


150 lb


89 F

Race Result

1 / 25 (4%)
1 / 3 (33.3%)


Temp 89 (91) Wind 12 mph. Gusts to 20 mph.

Back on the bus, but only half full this time. Feels like I've done a real good job with the GU, rehydrating, and cooling down. Decide to run this skins. One mile race...after a 5K...90+ heat...small hill to start...into the headwind the whole way...yip, yip, yippie!

Whoops, did not know we were ready to start. Gun goes before I get settled on the start line. 5K race front runner (Jared H) takes the lead immediately again. He is followed by four or five younger kids spread out in a line. Go around the kid-line and catch front runner somewhere between 200 and 300 meters. Did not come with me this time. Find a groove I think I can ride to the finish line. Quarter splits: 87 / 88 / 91 / 87. Offical time...5:28???? Timer must have screwed up. I got 5:53. Garmin distance exactly 1.00. I'll claim my numbers.

Another winner. One of the high school JayVee milers in second in 5:58. Did not hear him behind me, but five seconds in a mile is a larger gap than it would seem.